Manian - Welcome To The Club (The Album)
Welcome To The Club (The Album)
Zooland Records
1. Welcome To The Club
2. Ravers In The UK
3. Loco
4. Like A Prayer (Cascada Radio Edit)
5. 5th Symphony
6. Ravers Fantasy
7. Heaven (Cascada Radio Edit)
8. Another Day
9. Colours Of The Rainbow
10. Turn The Tide (Cascada Radio Edit)
11. Bounce
12. To France
13. Outta My Head
14. Forever Young
15. Desenchantee (Cascada Radio Edit)
16. Have You Ever Been Mellow
17. Hold Me Tonight
18. Drop My Style (Tune Up! Radio Edit)
19. Noche Del Amor
20. Odysee
21. To The Moon & Back
22. Lovesong
23. Dance Dance
24. Rock!
25. Feel Fine
26. Reason
27. Rhythm & Drums
28. Basstest
29. Heat Of Moment
30. Sky
31. What Up!
32. Jump!
33. Fall In Love
34. Ride On Time
35. Ain't That Enough
36. Start The Game Again
37. Freakshow (Tune Up! Radio Edit)
38. Club Inferno
39. Welcome To The Club (DJ Gollum Remix)
40. Welcome To The Club (Discotronic Remix)
41. Welcome To The Club (Caramba Traxx Remix)
42. Ravers In The UK (Giorno's Jump & Run Remix)
43. Ravers In The UK (DJ Gollum Remix)
44. Ravers In The UK (Paramond Remix)
45. Loco (Empyre One Remix)
46. Like A Prayer (Cascada Remix)
47. Ravers Fantasy (Megastylez Remix)
48. Ravers Fantasy (Basslovers United Remix)
49. Heaven (The Hitmen Remix)
50. Heaven (ItaloBrothers New Voc Remix)
51. Turn The Tide (ItaloBrothers New Voc Remix)
52. To France (DJ Gollum Remix)
53. To France (Manox Remix)
54. Outta My Head (KC Caine Remix)
55. Outta My Head (DJ Gollum Remix)
56. Have You Ever Been Mellow (Verano Remix)
57. Citybeat (Tune Up! Remix)
58. Hold Me Tonight (Rob Mayth Remix)
59. Hold Me Tonight (Empyre One Remix)
60. Hold Me Tonight (Basslovers United Remix)
61. Drop My Style (DJ Cyrus Remix)
62. Noche Del Amor (Tune Up! Remix)
63. Odysee (Virus Inc. Remix)
64. Lovesong (Yanou Remix)
65. Rock! (Tune Up! Remix)
66. Rock! (Manox Remix)
67. Rhythm & Drums (Rave Allstarts Remix)
68. Star (Tune Up! Remix)
69. Basstest (Plazmatek Remix)
70. Jump! (Dan Winter Remix)
71. Jump! (ItaloBrothers New Voc Remix)
72. Ride On Time (Dan Winter Remix)
73. Ride On Time (Bassrockerz Remix)
74. Welcome To The Club (Continuous DJ Mix)
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